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Characteristics Associated with Dyslexic Pupils

Characteristics Associated with Dyslexic Pupils


Characteristics associated with Dyslexic pupils


They may display any combination of the following:

•Creative ability.

•Musical ability.

•Artistic ability.

•Skilled communicators.

•Ability to problem solve.

•Intrinsic ability to view the ‘whole picture’.

•Lack of accuracy when reading.

•Lack of accuracy when spelling/writing.

•Slow speed reading/writing.

•Problems with left and right orientation.

•Problems with organisation.

•Difficulty maintaining concentration.

•Poorly formed handwriting. Speed of writing.

•Lack of energy in school.

•Difficulty with any number work.

•Poor spatial awareness.

•Low self-esteem.

•Poor short term memory. Difficulty seeing or hearing several pieces of information, then holding those pieces of information in their short-term memory, long enough to do something with it.

•Difficulty processing information. This may require retrieving previous learning and selecting what is relevant. This is not automatic, it takes time.

•Inefficient sequencing skills. For example: Many dyslexic pupils will not be able to recite the months of the year in the correct order, or associate numbers with months.

•Expressive language. The pupil may experience difficulties pronouncing certain sounds in words e.g.: yellow, specific.