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Year 6 Transition- Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How many subjects are there?

Answer: There are 12 different subjects in KS3 (Years 7-9).

Question: What subjects will I study?

Answer: English, Maths, Science, P.E/Games, History, Geography, R.P, Art, Welsh, French, DT and IT.

Question: How many teachers will we have?

Answer: Usually one teacher per subject

Question: Do we have a timetable?

Answer: Yes. You will get your timetables in September. The timetable is on a 2 week rota; A and B; it stays the same for the whole year.

Question: How many lessons are there in a day and how long are they?

Answer: You will have 5 lessons a day. Each lesson is 1 hour each.

Question: Do we have separate lessons for each kind of Science?

Answer: Not in KS3; you’ll learn all three Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) in general Science lessons.

Question: Do we have to move class every subject?

Answer: Yes- you move classrooms after each lesson.

Lunch Time

Question: How long do we have for break and lunchtime?

Answer: You will also have a morning break for 20 minutes and lunchtime which is 40 minutes.

Question: Are we allowed to play on the fields and the astro turf at lunch time?

Answer: Yes! We also have a large courtyard for you as well. When it rains, we have halls inside that you can use at lunch time too.

Question: Are there vegetarian and vegan options? Will there be kosher and Halal options?

Answer: Yes – we have different food available for different diets. We can cater for most dietary requirements as well.

Question: Are we allowed to go on our phones during breaks?

Answer: Yes you are. Phones should be put away for lessons, but you can use them at break and lunch anywhere but not if you are walking through the corridors.

School Building and Getting Around

Question: If we get lost, is there a certain place we can go to get some help on where the class is?

Answer: Yes, don’t worry if you get lost or are late to lessons in the first couple of weeks. If you do, you can go to reception and there will be staff to help you find where you need to be.

Question: Will there be signs to help us find our way around? Will there be people to help me get around?

Answer: Yes – there are lots of signs around the building and always someone around to help.

Question: Is there a school library?

Answer: Yes – located on the First Floor. There are hundreds of different books to read, from fiction to non-fiction.

Question: Can we have a map?

Answer: Yes! There will be a map in your planner that you will get on your first day with us in September.

Question: Are there lockers?

Answer: There are lockers available for Year 7s. More information will be given out about them in your first half term.

Classes/Tutor Groups:

Question: What form will I be in?

Answer: There are 8 forms: H,J,K,L and P,R,S,T. You’ll find out your forms at a later date.

Question: How much homework do pupils get a day? What kind of help do get with homework?

Answer: There is no set amount that you will get each day. You may not even get homework every day but if you need any help with your homework, your subject teacher will be happy to help you.

Question: Are there any classes that are smaller than the usual size?

Answer: Some classes may be smaller than others. This all depends the subject and the support that we can offer in each class.