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Tua'r Goleuni – Towards the Light

School Ethos[Ethos yr ysgol]

School EthosEthos yr ysgol



Tua'r Goleuni

Towards the Light

Here at Cardiff High School the metaphor of light is an important one, since this is a school that strives for the highest educational standards. The school motto, 'Tua'r Goleuni' ('Towards the Light'), reflects the school's aspiration to assist all our pupils to fulfil their individual potential, to find new talents and to develop a love for learning.

"Students are candles to be lit, not bottles to be filled."
Robert H Shaffer

At Cardiff High, when we say that we wish to aid every student in their educational journey, we mean every student. Cardiff High has a strong equal opportunities policy. Staff and students strive to ensure that no student is excluded or discriminated against regardless of sexuality, ethnicity, gender, religion, academic ability, physical or mental impairment.

"Light breaks where no sun shines."
Dylan Thomas

Educational success is extremely important to us at Cardiff High and members of our staff are currently involved in research to improve the education of our most able and talented children. However, Cardiff High School is not elitist. All students are important here, and those with learning difficulties are supported by our excellent Special Needs department, which specialises in the teaching of dyslexic students.

Cardiff High School has much to offer to its students: a sense of belonging in the school community, educational achievement, opportunities to accept responsibility and a chance to become independent learners. Cardiff High School's highest aspiration is to find the light that exists in every child and nurture it so it becomes a quality that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.