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Sixth Form Dress Code[Gwisg Ysgol 6ed Dosbarth]

Sixth Form Dress CodeGwisg Ysgol 6ed Dosbarth

Key Stage 5 Dress Code


KS5 area; Sixth form Dress Code

"Bottom Half Garments"

Students are permitted to wear any suitable "bottom half" garments, e.g. trousers/jeans/skirt/shorts.

"Top Half Garments"

Students can then select from a variety of different coloured Cardiff High endorsed "top half" garments showing the school badge.  Eg T-shirts, Polo shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies.  Students are permitted to wear garments purchased to indicate membership of a team, society or trip, as long as the Cardiff High badge is clearly visible.  Students are not permitted to wear any top half garments which do not display the school badge.

It is important that upper school students set an example and are suitably attired at all times.

Unsuitable Dress

  • Cut-off trousers
  • Ripped/torn clothing
  • Short skirts/ short shorts
  • Hats/hoods worn inside
  • Large earrings/excessive jewellery
  • High heels/flip-flops

The final arbiters of what is considered to be suitable dress are the Head of School and the Key Stage 5 Achievement Leaders.  Entering the Upper School indicates a willingness to comply with the above requirements and students who fail to observe the standards outlined above will be sent to change or supplied with alternative clothing.                    


  • Tramlines or patterns cut into the hair or eyebrows are not permitted.
  • Inappropriate coloured hair or streaks in the hair are not permitted.
  • Pupils will be sent home if they have a hairstyle that the Headteacher feels inappropriate for school.